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The "We Take Care of Everything" Program
Stellar Therapy Services is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is owned by Melissa Christopher, OT/L. Since 2009, we have successfully collected over $11,706,852 in reimbursements for occupational, physical, and speech therapy as well as audiology and nursing services for Tennessee school districts. We're committed to making the reimbursement process successful for all Tennessee school districts.
Our "We Take Care of Everything" program makes it possible for Tennessee school districts to receive Medicaid reimbursements quickly and easily.

Program Services Include:

  • Obtaining therapists' health licenses, credentialing therapists through insurance companies, and training therapists on compliant documentation techniques

  • Educating school staff, parents, physicians, and communities about MRP benefits

  • Communicating with state agencies and insurance companies on the school district's behalf

  • Working with school administrators to customize the program to fit each district's unique needs

  • Providing pre-printed consent forms for parents

  • Providing extensive clinical training opportunities and materials for therapists and school employees

  • Providing a user-friendly, web-based documentation system 

  • Providing the program with no start-up costs: we pay all costs including—but not limited to: licensure fees, ASHA dues, professional privilege taxes, printing, and postage.

Curious to see how much your district could be receiving in reimbursements using our program? Click here for our "SHOW ME THE MONEY" reimbursement prediction chart.

If you're ready to start collecting reimbursements for your school district, fill out the form below for more detailed information!


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